Lets start with the bad news. We will migrating all hosting accounts that use our DNS management to a new server between 10pm on saturday 14th October and 4am on Sunday the 15th October 2017.

If your hosting account does not use our DNS management, you will be contacted seperately so we can migrate to the new server with minimal downtime.

The reason we have chosen such a timeslot is so that we can minimise the risk of mis-placed emails (none will be lost and can always be retrieved!) and customer data while the account migration is in action.

We anticipate that this transition will be smooth, there should be no downtime to your site and the timeslot means that there is minimal risk of misplacing emails or customer data. 

And now for the good news! This move will enable us to offer much more competitive services and increase already stellar uptime (> 99.95% in the last month)

As a part of this migration, all hosting accounts will be upgraded to a much more open plan with 40GB Disk space and unlimited bandwidth, giving you more room to breath.

Please email support@wp360.com.au to open a support ticket if you have any concerns or issues you would like to raise to our attention during this process.

Many Thanks

Thursday, October 12, 2017

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